What to Expect

Eventing Explained

A brief over view for those who have not been to horse trials before...

The ultimate test for horse and rider!


The dressage phase of the competiton is a set test for the level of competitor. The higher the level of class the more technical the test will be. All tests can be found on the British Eventing website. The scores are marked as penalties so the lower the dressage score the better.

Show Jumping

The show jumping is a course of coloured obstacles. Again as with the dressage the level of technicality and height will be appropriate for the level of competition. Horses and riders have to be precise in order to have no penalty points added. 4 penalties are added for a knock down or refusal and time penalties will also be added for anyone not completing the round within the time.


Cross Country

Cross Country is a track of natural obstacles over all kinds of terrain. There are many different challenges on the cross country. Water jumps, skinny fences, ditches, rails, combinations... the list goes on. Again the horse and rider combination will be penalised if they do not complete within the time. If they have a refusal then 20 penalties will be added. If they fall in FEI competition then it is elimination, in all other levels, normally, unless the horse falls the combination will not be eliminated.

Medical arm bands are worn by competitors during this phase in order that if the worst happens, the correct medical attention can be given as quickly as possible.

Again the aim is to finish with the least penalties.







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